Saddle bag essentials



As a cyclist you may already have your own interpretation on what you regard as an "essential" saddle bag item. In this guide we list some items that we think you should all carry on your ride, most items are vital and others optional but all are recommended!

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1. The Saddle bag
Before we start talking about contents, lets get the basics sorted first. If you are anything like us you'll want something small enough to be discrete but large enough to carry what you require. The VEL saddle bag fits the bill nicely, waterproof zip, ample storage and a snug fit under your saddle.


Multi Tool

The addition of a well designed multi tool like the Lezyne Rap 21 is like carrying a cycling swiss army knife and is a must for any discerning cyclist. A multi tool should cover most common bolt sizes on your bike for minor roadside adjustments. With several screwdrivers, a chain breaker, and other ride-saving accessories, the multi-tool is a portable lifesaver that you should always carry with you on a ride.


Inner Tube

A no brainer and the staple of item of any saddle bag should be a spare tube, if you have the space why not carry two. We recommend Continental Inner tubes for their increased puncture protection and durability


Tyre Levers

Another obvious accesory is a good set of tyre levers and again Lezyne come up trumps with their power tyre levers giving you ample leverage whilst remaining comfortable to use. They also have a handy retaining elastric to hold them together.



If you are pushed for space then you may want to consider dropping a tube and carrying a patch repair kit.The Lezyne glueless self adhesive patch kit contains everything you need to repair a puncture at the roadside and only takes up minimal space in your bag.

CO2 Canister

A pump is of course another essential item which you can easily carry in your jersey to save space. You can however also carry a small CO2 cartridge and dispensor to effortlessly inflate your tube in seconds. If weight is a conern take a look at the VEL CO2 flow inflator weighing in at only 10 grams!



It goes without saying really doesn't it? There will inevitably be that one ride for which you have completely underestimated what you deemed enough fuel for the ride and you end up drafting a pal for the remainder. Sound familiar? Carry enough cash for more fuel or any other emergency, should you need it.




Master Link (Quick Link)

One of the more tricky parts to replace, but in our opinion a vital spare to carry. Be sure to carry the correct link for your chain i.e. if you have a 10 speed chain, make sure you carry a 10 speed master link. A chain link can be used in conjunction with your multi tool that has chain breaking capability should you require it. See our full range of quick links here.


Mech Hanger

A gear mech hanger is a piece of aluminium that sits between your frame and rear derailleur and is purposfully designed to be supple and prevent damage to your frame in the event of impact. Its a part that you may never replace but one that will end your ride if it fails. A mech hanger will take up a very small amount of space in your saddle bag so why wouldn't you carry one? If you have the correct multi tool with you like the Lezyne Rap 21 then you can be back on your way again in minutes. Get in touch via the contact page here for help finding the right mech hanger for your bike.

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